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Taylor Precision Products is the leading North American manufacturer of thermometers, scales and related measurement products for almost 150 years. The diversity of our product line reflects an ongoing commitment to provide the best solutions to the food service and professional community at every level…with ever-expanding choices in specialized temperature and weight measurement instruments that promote food safety, enhanced productivity and user convenience.

They are used in the home, outdoors, fitness centers, restaurants, laboratories and manufacturing plants. For effective and accurate measurement of temperature you have the choice of Bi-Therm, Infrared or Digital Thermometers. To maintain your portion control, Taylor’s line of Electronic and Mechanical scales offers unbeatable quality, performance and value.

We’re the Food Service and professional industry’s most complete source for both thermometers and scales. So, to simplify your purchasing process, plus improve your choices, quality and value…take advantage of The Taylor Advantage. We’ve got everything you need.

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